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4 Great Reasons to Teach the Family Tree

Fun Summer Learning and Home Based Education

by Annie St. Francis

1. Genealogy is a fun, family-friendly activity for people of every age. Building the family tree together is a great way to connect family members across generations.

2. Teaching the family tree to children gives them a sense of who they are, and the important foundations that make up their ancestries. It’s also a wonderful way to teach history, geography, and culture in the context of life.

3. Genealogy promotes curiosity, and inquiry. It provides a platform also for teaching research, critical thinking skills, and organizational strategies.

4. In the stories of an ancestral family tree are the tales of challenges and triumphs. The invaluable lessons of how difficulties are overcome is among the most important way to teach children to be solution-focused, positive individuals, members of their families, and of their larger communities too.

Summer is approaching quickly, and this is an excellent time to begin planning the activities that will help keep your child constructively focused, actively engaged and learning, and growing in every good way. Among the ideas you might consider…

* Have fun finding the historical homes of ancestors on maps.

* Trace the travel routes for family who migrated to new homelands.

* Create timelines for your family members that record their lives alongside other important events.

* Imagine life during a time in the past when conditions were quite different than they are today.

* Identify the people in family photographs, and write about your memories of them or those shared by another family member.

* Interview family members, asking them to recall happy memories, great adventures, and life perspectives.

Here are some book titles to help you get started on your genealogy journey!

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