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Favorite Quotes
“Take some books and read; that’s an immense help; and books are always good company if you have the right sort.”
— Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

A Welcome Letter from the Editor

By Annie St. Francis

Welcome to The Repository Project!

We believe in books. They are treasured friends, loyal companions, wise counselors, and our greatest teachers. In books we discover and dream on ideas. We preserve the past, and create the foundation from which we can pursue the possibilities of the future. Insightful. Engaging. Contemplative. Adventurous. Books challenge our minds, inspire our imaginations, and transform us through personal growth. We develop perspectives, and points of view. We learn new skills and improve old ones. Books make it possible for us to share all of this, the journey of life with one another in the present, and across generations through time. Books also support literacy, skill building, and promote a life long love of learning.

We created The Repository Project to celebrate life through books, and to encourage the development of personal library collections. Here you’ll find subject specific collections with titles of interest. These collections are focused on the practical life skills important to rural living, homesteading and country living, gardens and greenhouses, traditional arts and crafts, homeschooling, alternative energy, emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation, and sustainable self-sufficiency. The titles we feature connect with hands-on activities. Life is, after all, a participation sport! From homesteading to hen houses, from baking bread to the fiber arts, from radio communications to camping, from disaster survival to survival psychology, and so much more, we hope you find these books interesting and informative.

The digital age has made the exchange of ideas and information more possible than ever before in human history. It’s this technology that makes our website and it’s outreach possible. …and yet, there is just something truly wonderful about a book that can be held in one hand, and the experience of turning the paper pages with the other.

Believing that printed books and personal libraries are more important than ever before, the Repository Project is dedicated to helping readers develop comprehensive subject-specific collections. Quality reviews, author interviews, fun and interesting stories, personal insights, and relevant news feeds are designed to help those who come to the Repository Project discern and decide which titles will make the best additions to their reading resources.

The site is organized to support searches by individual subjects, and by collections. Whether you’re collecting for a personal library, as a teacher, for an organization, or for a community resource center or library, we trust you’ll find the titles described here to have been thoughtfully considered.

Your purchases support not only The Repository Project, they support publishers, our book suppliers, and most importantly the authors who make these books possible. Check back often for book news and reviews!

Enjoy all the updates posted to The Repository Project. The world of writing and publishing is more alive than ever before, and new work comes to the news and the marketplace often. We are continually adding new titles and other articles of interest for readers and shoppers.