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Alternative Energy

Solar, wind, geothermal and micro-hydroelectric systems. So much of what we rely on in the modern world – for convenience, for comfort, to sustain and save life – requires power. We’ve come to depend on grid supplied energy for just about everything, and our reliance creates tremendous risk. The grid is more vulnerable than most people imagine, and stories of devastation are all too often in the news. Terrestrial weather disasters including tornadoes. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Snow, ice, and fallen trees. Accidents of any variety. Acts of terrorism or war. Solar EMPs like the historic Carrington Event. There is no time like the present to explore alternative energy options. Learn to supplement your grid-based utilities, net-meter, design back-up systems for those times when the power goes down, or live off-the-grid. Understand the systems that support practical applications used in every day life, and optimize the technologies best suited to your household for emergency use.

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