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Book Review – Durable Trades By Rory Groves with Foreword by Allan C. Carlson

Durable Trades

Durable Trades: Family Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time.
By Annie St. Francis
Rory Groves has produced an outstanding work that will inspire individuals, families, and communities. Beautifully written, and timely, Durable Trades is philosophical and practical. It’s historical and current. It’s contemplative and guiding. In addition to the careful research given to each of the Durable Trades described, Groves also shares thoughtful perspective, personal insight, and sage wisdom hard won. The result is surely to be a connection with readers who seek a simpler, more sustainable, and grounded direction in the career choices that will govern their working and even their family lives.

Organized around three primary sections, Durable Trades begins with thoughts about the fragility and transience of the systems on which we depend, the level at which human beings have become disposable in the post-industrial world of machines, the consequences to individuals, families, and communities, and the unsustainable nature of it all.

From this springboard, he makes the case for a return to traditional understandings of the nature of work, our understanding of real wealth, and the role of faith in our lives. Within this context, Groves examines more than 60 trades with scores and discussion that cover historical stability, resiliency, family-centeredness, income, and ease of entry. Authors to apothecary. Farmers to farriers, and the foundryman. Leatherworkers. Loggers. School teachers. Shipwrights, and silversmiths.

Groves’ conclusion returns the reader to an important conversation about the lies of the modern culture, the value and import of dignity and discipleship found in traditional work, and the foundations upon which we can build a resilient future.

Durable Trades includes an Appendix with additional resources organized by categories:

  • Family Economy
  • Culture, Faith, Agrarianism
  • Farming, Homesteading, and Self-Sufficiency
  • Historical Trades & Traditional Skills
  • Tours & Attractions

…and an invitation to Continue the Conversation.

Groves also includes a summary table of the Durable Trades, describes the Methodology in his scoring process, and an extensive Bibliography. It’s well worth checking out… BUY IT HERE!

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