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Gardens, Greenhouses, Vertical Growing and Hydroponics

Gardening is a healthy, wholesome activity for people of all ages, and the rewards are simply wonderful. There is something really neat about a meal that comes in part or in total from what we can grow for ourselves at home. 

The books included in the selection here cover a variety of important topics. Learn to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables in open air gardens and raised beds. Explore vertical growing to increase your yield per square foot of growing space. Produce and renew your own seed from year to year. Develop ideas for your greenhouse design and strategies for greenhouse growing. Explore the science and systems of hydroponics. Grow and harvest your own culinary mushrooms. Discover the healthful deliciousness of microgreens, and “sprout” in your very own kitchen. Learn to solve for challenges, and to advance new ideas you can share with other home gardeners. Experience the joy of producing your own homegrown food. Dream on the idea of starting your own farm.

Gardens, Greenhouses, and Hydroponics

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Home Gardens and Small Farms


Culinary Mushrooms

Microgreens and Sprouts