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Tip of the Hat to Hat Makers – 10 Titles Celebrating the Fine Art of Making Hats!

By Annie St. Francis
Hat-making, also called millinery, is the design and creation of hats worn throughout history, around the world, across cultures, and by people of all ages. These might be feathered or furry. Straw, felt, fiber, or leather. Hats may be practical or imaginative, functional or fun. They may have ribbons, bows, and other fanciful adornments. Hats are worn by those presenting themselves in official capacities, attending formal engagements, or otherwise celebrating festive events. Berets, bonnets and beanies. Fedoras, flat caps, and fascinators. A Gatsby, Glengarry, or Garrison. Peach basket hats, the wide brimmed picture hats, pillbox hats, and pilgrim’s hats. There are so many possibilities, and a special hat for everyone.

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