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Small Family Farms, Ranches, and Animal Husbandry

Small family farms and ranches are an important feature of the agricultural landscape in America and around the world. From hen houses and chickens to bee keeping, dairy farming, and small scale ranching, the possibilities of a traditional family farm in the modern age abound. Family based and small-scale farms are, in fact, key to market competitiveness, to sustaining rural agriculturally focused economies, to the good stewardship of natural resources, and to maintaining resilient supply chains during a time of disruption for any reason. Locally sourced food is fresh, seasonallly abundant, and found not only in area grocery stores, but also for sale at Farmer’s Markets. Whether you’re hoping to produce food for your own household, or to start an agricultural business, a small scale enterprise provides an excellent learning environment, and place to begin.

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Raising and Caring For Chickens

Dairy Farming