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– Dr. Seuss

Spring Gardens and Home Grown Fresh Produce - 3 New Titles

We’ve added 3 new fantastic titles to our gardening collection of books to get you started with growing your own fresh produce, and continue to scout for the resources that will make great additions to your personal home libraries! Plant across the year to grow your favorite fresh vegetables and fruits. Create a pollinator garden. Learn to start your plants from seed, and raise your plants to produce the next generation. Explore a variety of garden strategies including raised beds, and vertical growing towers. Learn about several approaches to hydroponics. Discover new ways to extend your growing season and to expand the plant varieties you can successfully grow through the art and science of greenhouse growing.

Gardening is a wonderful world with something in it for everyone! Whether you’ve got an herb garden growing at the window sill, hope to grow personal produce for the dinner table year round, or are thinking about a small scale agricultural business endeavor, this is a fun, wholesome, and rewarding activity. Discover your green thumb. Let’s get started!

Spring Garden Home Grown Fresh Produce