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Stargazing and the Night Skies

By Annie St. Francis
Stargazing in the country. Among the greatest privileges and pleasures of country living is looking up into the Heavens, and seeing the many stars of a majestic dark sky. How many stars can you see in dark night of the countryside? Sky and Telescope tells us the number is about 4,500 on a clear night. By contrast, in the suburbs, the number is closer to 450. In a metropolitan city such as Chicago or Boston, they tell us the number of stars that can usually be seen is just 35. Wow.

Seeing the sky filled with stars is a wondrous experience for people of all ages, and an opportunity not only to enjoy the beauty of a starlit night, but also to learn about the amazing universe we call home. From the history of astronomical discovery to the great debates of the present, and emerging ideas about our cosmological journey into the future, we hope you’ll find that the books we’ve included below help build upon the inquiries of budding curiosity.

Stargazing and The Night Skies

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