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Summer Vacations – Road Trip Family Fun and 4 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Summer vacations are just around the corner, and families are planning for the fun of road trips together! We have a few suggestions for ways your kids can join in the great adventure with neat travel activities, relaxed learning opportunities, and the building of wonderful memories and family relationships.

1) Share news of family travel plans with your kids, and include them in conversation. Ask for their ideas, and questions. Giving kids the opportunity to participate will help them organize their own thoughts about the exciting journey about to unfold. It will also be an opportunity for you as a parent or grandparent to see the world in the ways your children and grandchildren see the world – and a wonderfully imaginative world it often is!

2) Show your kids photo images of the places you’re hoping to see, and maps that help them understand where you’ll all be going. Include an interactive map, and a generous supply of pencils and crayons as part of a travel activity tote. Kids are full of energy, and their lives are active, engaged, and filled with discovery. What a delightful opportunity, within the wonder of childhood, to create a learning experience.

3) Build elasticity into your plans. In the excitement of the travel planning, it’s easy to pack too much into the days, and to leave too little time for rest and relaxation. A little flex room in the schedule will make the trip even better in every way, and may make possible the discovery of a special destination adventure you hadn’t yet considered!

4) Keep a travel journal handy, or a start a scrapbook. Take lots of family photos, tuck away travel brochures, and make places on the pages for your kids to color images, or write notes about the day. Get those while their memories are fresh. Record fun and curious and quirky questions, or insights. You’ll be so thankful you did down the road as these memories are forever with you – and preserved for your children – and their children – too.

Stay safe. Have fun. Celebrate everything good in life together!

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